Android and TranSystems 747A+ (and other MTK GPS loggers)

The TranSystems 747A+ is a GPS data logger (also called trip recorder, GPS recorder, etc). It can record your position at a certain time in its internal memory. It can store about 125.000 of these time/position points in its internal memory.

I take this device with me on trips and vacations. Afterward it allows me to create a Google Earth KML file to show where I have been. It also allows me to geotag my photos because the photo camera stores the time the picture has been taken. With some software it is possible to combine the GPS logger data with the picture data and write the GPS location into the picture (EXIF).

This is very nice, however the internal memory of the GPS logger is not big enough to hold more than a couple of days worth of location data. So to be able to use this device during a long trip the memory needs to be downloaded regularly and the memory wiped. This is normally done with a computer and some software like BT747 or MTKbabel. These require a computer or compatible mobile phone to work. Android is unfortunately not supported.

Since I don’t want to carry a big computer and I like programming I started to look into developing an Android program. This is my first Android app. The app is not very advanced, it only allows to download the GPS memory to the Android internal storage and to wipe the internal memory of the GPS device. More functionality might follow.

The app is now published in the Android Market as AndroidMTK, let me know if you have issues.