Android and TranSystems 747A+ (and other MTK GPS loggers)

The TranSystems 747A+ is a GPS data logger (also called trip recorder, GPS recorder, etc). It can record your position at a certain time in its internal memory. It can store about 125.000 of these time/position points in its internal memory.

I take this device with me on trips and vacations. Afterward it allows me to create a Google Earth KML file to show where I have been. It also allows me to geotag my photos because the photo camera stores the time the picture has been taken. With some software it is possible to combine the GPS logger data with the picture data and write the GPS location into the picture (EXIF).

This is very nice, however the internal memory of the GPS logger is not big enough to hold more than a couple of days worth of location data. So to be able to use this device during a long trip the memory needs to be downloaded regularly and the memory wiped. This is normally done with a computer and some software like BT747 or MTKbabel. These require a computer or compatible mobile phone to work. Android is unfortunately not supported.

Since I don’t want to carry a big computer and I like programming I started to look into developing an Android program. This is my first Android app. The app is not very advanced, it only allows to download the GPS memory to the Android internal storage and to wipe the internal memory of the GPS device. More functionality might follow.

The app is now published in the Android Market as AndroidMTK, let me know if you have issues.


  1. Hello,

    I have an Android mobile phone (Motorola Milestone) and a gps logger Transystem 747.
    I’m interting by your application.


  2. Hi, I am very interested in your program for downloading logs from MTK data logger. My logger is Holux M-1000C and my phone HTC Desire. It is possible to download this program? Thanks

  3. Hi Bastiaan,

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab and would like to try your Android-app for downloading data from my external 747A+ GPS which I use for ‘Rittenregistratie’ of my lease-car, to track my running-routes/laps as well as ski-routes.

    Grtz, Galaskia

  4. Hello,
    I’m also very interested in you app, i have an HTC Desire HD and a Qstarz BT-Q1000X. Please drop me a line, thanks.


  5. i have a HTC Desire Z with external 747A+ GPS and therefore i am very interessted in your app. Is it possible to get it in the market?


  6. I tried version 0.2 on HTC Desire with Holux M-1000C a i did not work. When I press download, it shut down with error.

  7. Found your app in the market, but unfortunately it’s only for Android 2.1 and up.
    Is this really required? I mean do you use APIs only available in Droid 2.1 and higher?
    I’d like to have this for my BT747 GPS-Logger on my G1.
    Thanks for porting bt747 stuff to Android.

  8. It does not work correctly on my HTC Desire (Gingervillain 1.0) with Qstarz Q1200 logger. It looks like everything is working, but as soon as you hit Download log it just stands on 0%….

  9. This app would be really great if it’s working. Unfortunately I’m getting a FC when trying to download the log. Logger: iBT-GPS Device: HTC Desire with Cyanogenmod 7.0.0 (Android 2.3.3)
    LogCat gives the following exception:

    04-13 08:36:15.211: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(7466): FATAL EXCEPTION: Thread-11
    04-13 08:36:15.211: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(7466): java.lang.NumberFormatException: unable to parse 'C22015C2' as integer
    04-13 08:36:15.211: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(7466): at java.lang.Integer.parse(
    04-13 08:36:15.211: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(7466): at java.lang.Integer.parseInt(
    04-13 08:36:15.211: ERROR/AndroidRuntime(7466): at com.androidmtk.AndroidMTK$

  10. Same for me on HTC Desire with different Gingerbread ROMs. Just stands on 0%. (Version 0.5; Version 0.4 crashed with an FC). BT747 Logger. Deletion of logger works by the way…
    This APP would be really great if it’ll work on an HTC Desire. On the last holiday I took my Nokia E71 with me just for the purpose of downloading the log files…

  11. Recently tested on my 747A+. All works OK, but flash size is 2Mb, should be 4Mb. I check the device info and get the next (using slightly patched mtkbabel):

    MTK Firmware: Version: 1, Release: AXN_1.30-B_1.3_C01, Model ID: 0004
    FlashID: 0x1C30161C

    So, seems like i have the latest 747A+ variant with new FlashID and ModelID:

    According to bt747 source, such flashID means:

    Manufacturer 1C (SPI_MAN_ID_EON)
    DeviceType 30 (???)
    FlashSize 16 (4Mb)

    Please fix.

    PS mtkbabel also report the 2Mb flash size due to unknown model_id 0004

  12. He recently completed an update of AndroidMTK, which shows three buttons “Hot Start”, “Warm Start” and “Cold Start”. I would like to know what is useful, because it sure does.
    Thank you very much.

  13. Thank ´s a lot for this very useful pice of software!
    I know the app has very basic functions so there ´s only one thing I am missing:
    It would be greate if it had a simple function to set the logging conditions.
    Do you think it needs much efford to implement this similar to the mobile version of BT747?

  14. Very pleased! Exactly what I’ve been looking for quite desperatly. Works perfectly with my QSTARZ BT1300S keyring-siezed recorder.
    Request: Waypoints (my device stores them on a simple press of the single button) seem to not get downloaded. At least they are not displayed in RMap or Maverik. Could that be added?
    I wonder how the code works since I did consider to write it too. Is it a standard protocol or did you have to reverse-engineer the communication?

  15. Gracias por androidMTK.
    Soy Luis Carlos de Ibiza, España, Spain
    Tengo un Sony-ericsson-xperia-arc y un BT-Q1000XT. El androidMTK funciona bien. Descarga el LOG, lo convierte en .gps y luego borra el log. Muchas gracias por su programa. Es el unico que puede hacer este trabajo. Esta aplicacion es perfecta y tiene todo lo que yo nececesito. Un Saludo
    Traduccion de google
    Translation of google
    Thank androidMTK.
    I’m Luis Carlos de Ibiza, Spain
    I have a sony-ericsson-xperia-arc and BT-Q1000XT. The androidMTK works well. Download the LOG, makes. Gps, then clears the log. Thank you very much for your program. It is the only one who can do this job. This application is perfect and has everything I nececesito. A Salute

  16. Hello:
    I have a GPS Qstarz bt-Q1000XT and the program works well, but today I do not get gps desgargar memory, it stops at a certain%.
    It would be good that the BT747 androidmtk giving function as the data as the number of points stored, the memory used by the GPS, and memory that are downloading.

    I would be willing to pay for a program like this.
    Thank you for your kindness

    Tengo un gps qstarz bt-q1000xt y el programa funciona bien, aunque hoy no consigo desgargar la memoria del gps, se queda parado en un % determinado.
    Seria bueno que el androidmtk funcionase como el bt747 dando datos como el nº de puntos almacenados, la memoria usada por el gps, y la memoria que se esta descargando.

    Yo estaria dispuesto a pagar por un programa asi.

    Hoy no he conseguido descargar

  17. I have installed your app on a galaxy tab2. I use a photomate 887 lite GPS receiver. This receiver has no bluetooth so I need to connect via USB. Can this be done with your program

  18. Hello,

    AndroidMTK (0.18) is very useful software for me.
    I can download a gpx file from HOLUX M-241 by AndroidMTK on Android ver. 4.0.4.
    (SHARP SH-06D)

    But I failed to download a gpx file from HOLUX M-1200E.
    Is it possible to download a gpx file from M-1200E?
    I can send a debug file to you.

    Best Regards,

  19. Hi, thanks for your App (V. 0.18), it works fine with my LG and Android 4.1. But what is the meaning of the 3 start buttons? Ernst

  20. I, i’ve just tried your software AndroidMtk, but i need the connection over usb, not over bluetooth… My tablet don’t have bluetooth… My logger gps is Iblue 747a+ transystem

  21. how about avoid, just apk download for people be free to chose?

  22. Please, add holux rcv-3000,now I can download log but altitude and speed is wrong 🙁

  23. Hi,
    I have to say thank you for years, because your tool still worked perfectly also on Android 6.0.1… Nevertheless I have two questions: are you willing to add also gps-fix update for the receiver? I know that you have the code not seen for a long time, bit this would improve the tool, and then there is absolutely no longer a need for the PC java tool… The second question is, are you willing to give your code avalible to github? So maybe others can also improve it a little bit if they want…
    Thanks for your good work!

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